Hi, and welcome to Family History Finder. My name is Jon Cruickshank, and I am the creator of the blog. I started it to indulge my love of genealogy; to share the resources I use in my research, as well as the stories of some of my ancestors. 

I have no professional genealogical qualifications (yet), but I have a passion for the subject and I have been researching my own family tree for several years. My aim is to build this blog to be a useful resource for some of the millions of people who spend their time tracing their ancestry.

I live in Glasgow, Scotland, with my wife and two young children.

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  1. I was interested in your name. I have a Walter T. Cruikshank his second wife was Olive Weisleader a relative of my grandmother's. I know he was married earlier and had a son Roger, possibly a daughter Phyllis. He was born about 1890, census records indicate Pennsylvania. ON the 1930 and 1940 Census is living in Buffalo, New York.

    I don't know anything more about the gentleman, just know that he did marry Olive Weisleader.

    Good luck in your genealogy journey.


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