Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Welcome to Family History Finder

Welcome to the Family History Finder blog, and to the very first post. I decided to set up this blog to document my hopefully interesting research into my ancestry. I have been investigating my family history for many years now. It allows me to combine my general interest in history with a better understanding of where I came from. That's Scotland, by the way, although so far I have discovered ancestors from Ireland, England, and Russia. 

Even if you have never found history to be particularly interesting before, when you personalise it by researching how your ancestors lived it suddenly becomes much more appealing. Genealogy is now a hugely popular topic, particularly on the Internet. There are countless resources devoted to providing useful information. My aim is to post about the best ones as I find them.

I'll also write about the interesting facts and stories that I have discovered about my own ancestry. I'll provide research tips when I can, genealogy news, in fact anything genealogy related that I think is important or useful. Most of what I write about will centre around the British Isles, since that is where the majority of my ancestors originate from, but migration is so common in genealogy that research is often global. That's part of the fun, and discovering distant relatives from around the world is one of the reasons that genealogy is such a rewarding hobby to have.

With this introductory post out of the way, all that is left to say is that I hope you enjoy reading my future posts. I'll try to keep them as entertaining and informative as possible. As I continue my research I just hope that my family history is interesting enough to provide me with ongoing content.

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