Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Family History Show

I recently began following the expert genealogist Dr. Nick Barratt on Twitter, and noticed that he was promoting a website called The Family History Show. I thought I would check it out, and having done so this post will be about my thoughts and opinions of the site.

The Family History Show is a website hosting monthly video podcasts covering various topics from the world of genealogy and personal heritage. The vodcasts are presented by Nick Barratt himself, along with fellow genealogy expert Laura Barry. With these two names involved you know right away that the site will be informative, and useful from a family history research perspective.

This definitely turned out to be the case. At the time of writing there are seven vodcasts on the site, each of which contains top tips, case studies, and interviews with various important figures from the genealogy field. There is also interesting footage to enjoy from visits to museums and archives. Episode 5 in the series, for example, includes a visit to the National Maritime Museum, with a particularly fascinating section on the Titanic Archive. 

The vodcasts are well presented and very professionally produced, as is the entire site. In addition to the vodcasts there is a "Genealogy World" section, which includes informative articles and external links to useful genealogy resources. There is also an extremely interesting blog written by Nick Barratt.

All in all I was very impressed by The Family History Show. I think that going forward it's going to be a useful and entertaining resource, and I'm looking forward to the next vodcast. You can visit the site here.

EDIT - An eighth vodcast has now been added to the site. Its theme is medicine, and it includes advice on accessing medical records and tracing medical ancestors.

Episode nine focuses on the College of Arms and tracing ancestors from the nobility.

Episode ten involves a visit to the Geffrye Museum and tracing the history of houses. 

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